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Township Hall

The Ozawkie Township Hall offers affordable facilities with a full kitchen and plenty of tables and chairs for holding family reunions, club meetings, wedding receptions and much more. To inquire about available dates and times, please contact Jamie Klenklen:

PH: 785-224-9011

Township Hall Rental Agreement

Hall Cleaning Check List

Using the Township Hall

The Ozawkie Township Board is pleased to provide the Township Hall as a convenient, low-cost location for family and local organizational functions.  In order to be of the greatest service to all, we ask that you adhere to the following requests:


  • Parking is provided along south side of Township Hall and appropriately in front of building.
  • Please do not park vehicles in front of the Fire Department doors, or along the west side of Kiowa Drive.  In case of an emergency, the Fire Department does not have time to wait for someone to move his or her car.  Violators may be ticketed!

Tables and Chairs:

  • Please do not remove any tables or chairs from the premises.  There is adequate seating provided for most gatherings.
  • If you bring in additional equipment for your group, be sure it is clearly identified so it can be easily separated when you leave.
  • Please try to avoid sliding tables and chairs across the floor.  Doing so not only leaves unsightly marks on the floor, it also weakens the locking mechanisms on the tables.  Tables are sometimes surprisingly easy to damage when dropped, so please, BE CAREFUL!

Damage to Facility: Any damage to facility or its contents incurred during the rental and use of this property is the responsibility of the renter. A certificate of insurance may be requested.

Cleanup and Care of Facility: Once the Township Hall has been checked by staff according to  the Hall Cleaning Check List and there are no issues, the cleaning fee will be refunded.

  • Main Township Hall Area:
    • Decorations / Tape Removed
    • Tables wiped down.
    • Chairs wiped down.
    • Tables put neatly in closet (top to top, bottom to bottom).
    • Chairs put neatly in closet.
    • Floors swept.
    • Floors mopped.
    • Trash taken with you.
    • Thermostat set to 85 degrees in Summer or 65 degrees in Winter.
    • Decorations / tape removed.
    • Replace toilet tissue (extra is stored in the kitchen)
    • Floors swept.
    • Floors mopped.
    • Trash taken with you.
  • Kitchen: You are welcome to use the kitchen facilities, but please remember to clean up all areas before leaving.
    • Decorations / tape removed.
    • Dishes put away correctly.
    • Countertops wiped down.
    • Stoves wiped down.
    • Microwave wiped down (inside and out).
    • Fridge emptied and wiped down (inside and out).
    • Extra ice you brought taken with you.
    • Trash taken with you.
    • Floors swept.
    • Floors mopped.
  • Trash: After emptying all trash containers (including bathrooms) **PLEASE TAKE THE TRASH WITH YOU** as we do not have regular trash removal service.
  • Lights: Please turn off all lights prior to leaving
  • Lockup: Please lock door prior to leaving and return key per instructions upon rental.

REMEMBER – This hall has been built with and is maintained by tax money from Ozawkie Township residents, and is used primarily for the benefit of those residents.  Help us protect your investment.


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