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Permits & Licenses – Residents

BOAT LICENSE/REGISTRATION – Boats on Lake Perry are required to be registered with the state. For more information click on the following links:

Boat License Information –
Renew Your Boat License –

FISHING AND HUNTING LICENSE – There are a number of places around Jefferson County where you may obtain both fishing and hunting licenses. Please view the following link:

To Purchase in Person: Jefferson County Authorized Fishing and Hunting License Sales

To Purchase online:

LIQUOR PERMIT – It is against state law to sell alcohol without both State and Local Permits.

State Liquor License –

Caterer Permit  – It is unlawful for a caterer to serve any liquor by the drink without local catering license issued by the Ozawkie City Clerk. To obtain a catering permit, please come into the office of the City Clerk at 524 Kiowa during regular office hours.

Temporary Alcohol Sales Permit – Both a State Temporary Permit and a Temporary Permit issues by the City of Ozawkie are required to sell or serve any alcoholic beverage within the city. To obtain a Temporary Permit, please come into the office of the City Clerk at 524 Kiowa during regular office hours. See also:


PARK PERMIT – a park permit is required to use and access Perry State Park. State of Kansas residents can now purchase a discount yearly park permit when registering their vehicles online. For more information, see:

To purchase online
See:  More information about park permits

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SALES PERMIT – The City of Ozawkie requires all solicitors and persons selling door-to-door a sales permit. Please come into the office of the City Clerk during regular office hours to obtain a sales permit before attempting to solicit within the city. For more information, call our city clerk at 785.250.2550 or email by completing the following form:


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