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“According to the 2010 Census, an estimated 17.9% of the state’s residents over the age of 25 have graduated from high school, 5.1% have at least an associates degree, 4% have degrees at the bachelors level or higher, and 1% hold a graduate level degree. This is why when searching for online and traditional programs of Colleges and Universities, you should look for accreditation to protect both your future and the value of your educational dollar. I believe this type of information is very valuable to today’s students who are not only dealing with a more competitive higher  environment, but also with the rising costs associated with them.” ~ Elizabeth Turner


Jefferson West 340 located in Meriden, Kansas is the public school district for Ozawkie. Visit their webpage at :

Jefferson West District Office

601 E Wyandotte
PO Box 267
Meriden KS 66512

Superintendant Pat Happer 

Phone: (785) 484-3444 Fax: (785) 484-3148

Headstart Nek Cap Program

301 Main Street

Meriden Kansas 66512


Accepting applications for children prenatal thru 5 years

Prenatal thru 2 contact Katrina 785-991-1381

Children 3 thru 5 contact Peggy 785-338-1752

Jeff West Elementary School

Principal Wes Sturgeon

301 Main
PO Box 265
Meriden KS 66512

Jeff West Middle School

Principal John Hamon

210 N. Miller
PO Box 410
Meriden, KS 66512

Phone: (785) 484-2900 Toll Free: (877) 854-4579 Fax: (785) 484-2904

Jeff West High School

Principal Rhonda Frakes

619 Condray
PO Box 268
Meriden KS 66512

Phone: (785) 484-3331 Toll Free: (877) 854-4410 Fax: (785) 484-2021

Jeff West School Calendar 

John Dewey Learning Academy
Tiny k – Parents as Teachers

Dr. Tim Marshall Ed.D., Executive Director

500 E Sunflower Blvd
Ozawkie KS 66070

Phone: (785) 876-2214 Fax: (785) 876-2629

Other Schools in Jefferson County



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