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The City of Ozawkie Planning and Zoning Board has been established to help maintain the safety of our residents and visitors as well as the aesthetics and property values of the city. The Planning and Zoning Board shall have the power to “recommend” the following:

  • New zoning ordinances or amendments to an existing ordinance.
  •  Approval or disapproval of Building Plans and/or Permits.
  • Approval or disapproval of Variances to Planning and Zoning and Building and Construction Ordinances and Regulations.  (Including I.B.C. codes)
  • Approval or denial of a special use permit.
  • The power to recommend approval of the above is also the power to recommend denial of same.

The Board shall make, or cause to be made, a ”comprehensive plan” for the City of Ozawkie and the unincorporated territory lying outside the city but within Jefferson County, which in the opinion of the Board forms the total community of which the City is a part.  Said plan to be presented for approval by the City Council along with future changes or amendments.  The Board shall have primary responsibility for maintaining said plans and amendments and for updating on a periodic basis.

The Board shall have the responsibility of recommending to the City Council upgrades or modifications to the Planning and Zoning Regulations and any part of the City Ordinances that directly or indirectly affect their deliberations.

The City Council may request the Board to undertake other assignments related to planning and land use regulations.

The City Council is the final authority on any decisions regarding planning and zoning and building regulations within the City of Ozawkie.  While they should take all consideration of any recommendations, of the efforts put forth by the Board and of the considerable amount of study made by the Board, the City Council is restricted in its powers only by the Ordinances of the City of Ozawkie, the Laws of the State of Kansas and by its Oath of Office.

Planning and Zoning Members


Held Every First Monday of Each Month
7:00 pm

We encourage our residents to feel free to join us during our meetings for information and input on topics of discussion.

Next Monthly Meeting Agenda

Planning and Zoning Meeting Minutes




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