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Permits & Licenses – Visitors

BOAT LICENSE/REGISTRATION – Boats on Lake Perry are required to be registered with the state. For more information click on the following links:

Boat License Information –
Renew Your Boat License –

BUILDING PERMITS – The city requires a Building Permit for any new construction, moving structures into city, existing structural and building material changes, additions, out buildings, fences, porches, and other work in an effort to maintain property values within the city. If you have any questions about whether or not you may need a building permit, please call Sandi from Planning and Zoning Committee at 785.876-4254. Also, see:


BURN PERMIT – The Ozawkie Township Fire Department issues Burn Permits for open burning within the city. You may contact them at 785.876.2200

DRIVIER’S LICENSE – There are no DVM locations in Jefferson county, however Douglas County and Topeka have the closest locations available.


Full-Service Topeka DVM Station

Address: 3907 S.W. Burlingame Road, Topeka
PH: 785.266.7380
Days and Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Friday, 7am to 5:45pm
No testing after 5:00pm

Special Information: CDL office – located next to SportZone at 39th and Burlingame. Call for CDL drive availability. Appointment drives will be taken over walk-ins.
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Limited Service Topeka Station – No Concealed Carry or Commercial Licenses or no Applicants with Registered Offender Status or No Closed book, written tests, or drive tests at this location.

Address: Docking State Office Building, 915 S.W. Harrison St., Topeka
PH: 785.296.3963
Days and Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm
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Full-Service Lawrence KS office – Issues both full driver’s license and ID cards.

Office Location: 1035 N 3rd St, Suite 122, Lawrence
PH: 785.843.9593
Days and Hours of Operation: Tuesday through Friday – 7 a.m. to 5:45pm
No testing after 5pm
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FISHING AND HUNTING LICENSE – There are a number of places around Jefferson County where you may obtain both fishing and hunting licenses. Please view the following link:

To Purchase in Person: Jefferson County Authorized Fishing and Hunting License Sales

To Purchase online:

LIQUOR PERMIT – It is against state law to sell alcohol without both State and Local Permits.

State Liquor License –

Caterer Permit  – It is unlawful for a caterer to serve any liquor by the drink without local catering license issued by the Ozawkie City Clerk. To obtain a catering permit, please come into the office of the City Clerk at 524 Kiowa during regular office hours.

Temporary Alcohol Sales Permit – Both a State Temporary Permit and a Temporary Permit issues by the City of Ozawkie are required to sell or serve any alcoholic beverage within the city. To obtain a Temporary Permit, please come into the office of the City Clerk at 524 Kiowa during regular office hours. See also:


PET LICENSE – The City of Ozawkie requires all pets to be registered within the city to be registered on an annual basis for a small fee. Registration requirement include proof of current vaccinations and spay/neuter certificate (if applicable) from a licensed veterinarian. Register your pets at the City Clerk during normal hours. Unregistered animals and late registration fines apply. Please keep your pet registration and vaccinations current.

SALES PERMIT – The City of Ozawkie requires all solicitors and persons selling door-to-door a sales permit. Please come into the office of the City Clerk during regular office hours to obtain a sales permit before attempting to solicit within the city.


PARK PERMIT – a park permit is required to use and access Perry State Park. State of Kansas residents can now purchase a discount yearly park permit when registering their vehicles online. For more information, see:

See: To purchase online
See:  More information about park permits

5441 Westlake Rd.
Ozawkie, KS 66070
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PH: 785.246.3449

VEHICLE LICENSE – Online Vehicle License Information:

Online vehicle registration, requires pin number and information from Jefferson County Vehicle Registration. This is usually mailed to you prior to the month your car tags and taxes are due. To register online:

To register in person:

300 Jefferson Street
Oskaloosa KS
PH: 785.863.2461
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