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Parks Commissioner

Ozawkie Parks Commissioner – Leslie Grother

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PARK COMMISSIONER; DUTIES.  It shall be the duty of the Park Commissioner to oversee the maintenance of the City Park and other such areas as shall be deemed to be his responsibility.  This is to include  the maintenance of all park buildings and play ground attachments along with  assuring that the grounds, ie. grass, hedges, trees etc., are maintained.  He shall have oversight of the “Tree Board” and shall keep the City Council  aware of it’s activities.  He shall have primary responsibility in the area of:

(1) Budget

(2) Contracts

(a) Bid Letting  (buildings and play grounds)

(b) Supervision of Contractors.

All proposed bids shall be reviewed and approved by the actions of the full City Council.  He shall also perform other such duties as required by the City Council.


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