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Building Site Plan


Purpose and Statement:

     The Site Plan review process is established to ensure that the highest quality of land planning and design are incorporated into new developments. The process is used to guide design of new projects, which is compatible with existing neighborhoods in terms of scale, style and construction materials, and to enhance and protect the environment.

     Site Plans shall be submitted for all improvements within the City of Ozawkie that meet the provisions requiring a building permit. Site Plans shall be attached to and submitted with all Building Permit Applications.



(Both require a pdf reader to view. Go to for a free pdf reader)

A. All Site Plans shall contain and conform to the following minimum standards and be approved by all members of Planning and Zoning.

  1. Name of property owner, current address, and contact information.
  2. Lot and Block number(s) within the City of Ozawkie.
  3. All Site Plan drawings must have a north (N) arrow indicating the direction “North” for the property.
  4. All dimensions shall be feet and decimals of a foot.
  5. All lettering shall be neat and legible.
  6. Driveways and access improvements shall be shown.
  7. All public and private rights-of-ways and easement lines located on or adjacent to the subject property.
  8. All property lines and dimensions of the lot to be built upon showing directional bearings and distances, streets, and location with reference to identifiable street intersections (*see note below).
  9. Footprint of existing and proposed buildings on site, showing all dimensions of buildings and distances from property lines, streets and easements.
  10. Location of all existing and proposed water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage and their easements.
  11. All existing and proposed utility lines for electric, telephone and gas service will be indicated and their locations clearly marked. (Call DIGSAFE at 1.800.DIG.SAFE).
  12. Locations of any external utility accessory (i.e. AC condenser, etc.)
  13. Site Plans can be hand drawn, but must include the criteria explained above.

*Information pertaining to lot dimensions and utility locations can be obtained from the Ozawkie City Clerk during the regular office hours.

Planning & Zoning will review all site plans to ensure all developments within the city meet the required ordinances.



Our city ordinances requires a building permit prior to any construction, reconstruction, fence placement, sidewalk, driveway placement, accessory building placement/construction, and more. If you have any questions, please call Kim Holland by phone at 417-793-9221 for more information on whether or not a building permit is required.


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