City of Ozawkie

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Code Enforcement

Notice to All City Residents;

We would like to remind all city of Ozawkie residents with warmer weather upon us now, to keep in mind the following ordinances will be enforced:

Health Nuisances,Code 8-201, Article 2: See: CHAPTER_VIII_HEALTH_AND_WELFARE

Summarized: Any element detrimental to health, safety, and peaceful habitation of others within the city.

Abandoned Vehicles, (Nuisances Unlawful), Code 8-303, Article 3: 

Summarized: Motor Vehicle Nuisance is any motor vehicle which is not currently registered or tagged pursuant to K.S.A. 8-126 to 8-149 inclusive, as amended; or parked in violation of city ordinance, incapable of moving under its own power, or in a junked, wrecked or inoperable condition.

Animals: Running at Large (Code 2-111), Noisy Animals (Code 2-108), Vicious/Aggressive Animals (Code 2-110).  See: Chapter_II_ANIMAL CONTROL_AND_REGULATION

Summarized: Please keep your animals leashed, behind fences or inside, control barking/howling, and if you have an aggressive animal please do not leave them unattended outside where they could get lose and bite or chase those walking.

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